The Longfellow Building
The Longfellow Building is a historic property that was converted to a condominium building in 1984. Unit #3B was upgraded again in 2004.

Renting in the Longfellow
There are sixteen privately owned condominium units in the Longfellow Building with fourteen of them renting out for all or part of the season. Unit #3B is rented out directly by the owners.

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Convenient Location  
The Longfellow is in the heart of Chautauqua Institution. It is the ideal location for visitors who want quick access to the Amphitheater, the Bookstore, the Library and the Refectory. It is close enough to the Amphitheater to hear the orchestra warming up from our porch but far enough away not to disturb you during rehearsals or performances.

Airy, Quiet and Comfortable
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